We are proud to announce our collaboration with Deloitte which will prove to be extremely fruitful for the entrepreneurs attending our program.

Deloitte has collaborated with us here at SigmaLabs in order to ensure our companies success, and this is through a variety of benefits, including:

  • One-on-One meeting with the entrepreneurs –   as a first time entrepreneur, there are usually many questions right from the start regarding the financial aspects of your startups – where to incorporate? How to structure a subsidiary in the US? What are the implications of granting options? Deloitte will counsel the young venture along the way
  • Special workshops – Shlomi Anfang, partner (TMT) at Deloitte, will work alongside the startups and explain subjects such as

o   Steps in founding a start-up

o   Capital raising tool box

o   Exec summary, business plan and everything in between

o   International taxation and how it will affect your venture

o   Financial modelling

  • Panels – Deloitte will assist in preparing the startups with their pitching skills and get them ready for the real deal
  • Discounted engagement fees – Startups, by nature usually have limited resources. For this reason Deloitte have agreed to grant a generous discount in their fees in order to assist the startups with focusing solely on their growth

Here at SigmaLabs we are very enthusiastic about this collaboration and have no doubt that it will bring a great deal of value to our startups, we want to thank the entire Deloitte Israel team and Shlomi Anfang especially for all of his support.