ForceNock is an Israeli based cybersecurity startup focused on simplifying the complexity of web application firewall, bot mitigation, and API protection solution. ForceNock utilizes unique context driven inspection & behavioral modules. Their solution is continuously adapted to the organization’s web asset, ensuring it is always secure without the need for any dedicated team of experts to set-up or manage.

ForceNock solution is based on a new approach, instead of a binary (0 or 1) signature decision-making mechanism, used by traditional web security solution, ForceNock created a proprietary weighted scoring system, based on context-driven inspection and behavioral modules. The system continuously adapts and changes ensuring minimal false-positive and maximum security, while freeing the security teams from managing endless configurations and rules. ForceNock’s solution is easily deployed and scaled with no need for any changes to the organization’s architecture.

“The current solutions are manual, intensive, and complex to integrate, slow to react and inaccurate to provide security against modern application threats,” says ForceNock CEO. The young company sees itself as a central player in the Web Security industry, addressing the main points of dissatisfaction from current traditional solutions.

ForceNock CEO, Dotan Bar Noy, talks about the ‘noise’ that CISOS are dealing with and mentions a few key factors a startup in this industry should address; How urgent is your solution for them? Are you solving a major problem? How easy can it integrate for testing and production? Is it a manual intensive solution? CISOS are dealing with a huge amount of challenges and ForceNock as a startup is expected to come up with an innovative solution that makes life easier for them, and solves real problems. “This is how you get over the ‘noise,’” he says.

ForceNock seems to be a ‘small fish in a big pond’ with big players such as Imperva, F5, Akamai, Barracuda, Citrix, and others. When they are asked about their competition, they talk about the advantage their solution has, being free from legacy code, designed from day-1 to make customers lives easier, fit the most advanced architecture and stop the most sophisticated attacks.

The ForceNock team is ex F5, CheckPoint, ReSec and McAfee employees, developers and domain experts that are familiar with existing solutions from A to Z. “We understand that to keep up with the changes the market is going through the big companies will need not only to adjust their business model but change their entire solutions, that is ForceNock’s window of opportunity,” says ForceNock, CEO.

In Gartner Web Application Firewall Magic Quadrant 2017 report, it is stated that 2018 would mark the tipping point in the Web Security market evolution. ForceNock is aiming to be a significant part of that revolution.