Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a growing plague, causing a huge amount of bees to die every year and harming their population and global pollination. The combination of technology and agriculture is not new to the world. Nevertheless, bees and beekeeping have been excluded for years, as the technology for this segment was either expensive or not good enough. Nowadays, finally, we can see technologies that are relevant to bees as well and will bring beekeeping and the pollination process into the 21st century.

BeeHero increases crop yields dramatically by enhancing the productivity of Bees which pollinate the fields. BeeHero’s proprietary technology collects in-hive data and environmental information and uses AI algorithm to analyze and predict beehives disorders by providing sensors that beekeepers install inside their hives. Their system uses machine learning technologies to build a recursive natural network that receives 3 types of inputs: hive state, environmental parameters and the know-how of the commercial beekeeper. Then the algorithm analyzes the data and predicts beehives disorder before it damages the colony.

BeeHero is an excellent combination of ambitious and well-experienced people. They all want to establish a venture that will have a significant impact on the world. Itai, COO, is a beekeeper from birth, he has managed and operated the largest bee farm in Israel and was the one to expose the team to the world of bees and pollination. Michal, CPO, has vast experience in human-technology interaction. Omer, CEO, founded and sold two companies in the field of aquaculture and rendering.

“SigmaLabs Accelerator gave us support and guidance, which we found very helpful as we were working on our venture,” says Michal Roizman, BeeHero’s CPO. “There is always someone to reach out to for an acute insight through the wide range of wonderful mentors. We created a great relationship with the awesome teams working next to us. The decision to apply to SigmaLabs was one of our best, and we are happy and grateful to be part of this community”.