Employee turnover is a major pain for almost every HR department in the world, especially in recent years when employees tend to move between jobs faster than ever. Almost every research made on the subject for the past decades shows a single employee resigning costs its employer between 30% and 150% of that employee’s annual salary, so the bill easily reaches millions of dollars a year for large companies. To help reduce unwanted employee turnover, big enterprises have created “people analytics” teams which utilize the employee data to generate data-driven workforce management. Companies such as HP are said to have saved over 300 million USD on employee retention alone using these types of practices.

Manto is creating the world’s first AI-based people analyst – a SaaS platform which generates the same value you would get from having your own people analytics team, delivering live and actionable insights, trend analysis and actual predictions. Manto tells you which employees might resign, when, and most importantly –  why – all for just 2 USD per employee a month. Manto’s vision is to give every company in the world the opportunity to understand its workforce and improve the employee experience.

Manto is using machine learning algorithms and advanced statistics, combined with research-based domain expertise, both for classification and explanation of different events in the employee’s life cycle.

Manto was founded by Guy Brahms, CEO, and Or Farber, CPO, after working together for a decade as head analysts in the IDF’s intelligence corps. And Yanay Tevet, VP R&D, an MSc in Mathematics and a full-stack developer with 8 years of experience.

“We entered SigmaLabs at a crucial point in our journey – we had successful POC’s with several clients and needed to understand what will be the ideal next move for us and what would be the best strategy for conversion. For first time entrepreneurs like us, it’s easy to question every decision you make and be overwhelmed by the startup world. The close mentorship we got from experienced and successful entrepreneurs, who gave us constructive advice, feedback, and recommendation, gave us the ability to set realistic milestones and KPIs, and achieve our goals”.