Nearly 50% of all Americans take two prescription drugs or more on a regular basis. What most of them don’t know is that medications can cause almost any kind of medical problem, from headaches to renal failure and even a stroke. In fact, over 2 million adverse drug reactions occur in the US every year. In many cases, patients spend years suffering from side-effects not knowing their medications are the root cause of their problems. Medication-Related Problems (MRPs) have become the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, causing 100,000 deaths and costing health facilities $528B a year in preventable hospitalization and morbidity.


MDI Health is an AI decision support system for physicians and clinical pharmacists, which prevents medication-related problems for chronic patients with polypharmacy. They provide personalized drug therapy & treatment monitoring, medication therapy management tools for patients, doctors and clinical pharmacists, ongoing monitoring and drug therapy navigation, risk vs benefit measurement, and suggest actions to maintain a positive balance.


MDI’s methodology and technology are based on the science behind drug effects, influence and safety. This unique algorithm was formed after consulting thousands of patients and successfully preventing more than 70% of medication-related problems caused by multidrug treatments.


The company was founded by Avishai Ben Tovim, CEO, a former COO of a global machine learning company with extensive operational and business development experience in global high-tech companies. Dr. Dorit Dil Nahlieli, CSO, Pharm.D, drug safety, and pharmacotherapy expert, founder and former head of the pharmacovigilance (Drug safety) department, the Israeli ministry of health and former head of clinical pharmacy services and drug-drug interactions software, for Clalit. And Yuval Kalev, CTO, an experienced R&D team leader, and product manager.


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