It’s all about the people!
Meet SigmaLabs team, the people that will power you up

SigmaLabs Team

Avi Eyal

SigmaLabs Founder & Entrée Capital

Philippe Bouaziz

Chairman at Sarona Partners & SigmaLabs

Martin Moshal

SigmaLabs Founder & Entrée Capital

Ran Achituv

Partner at
Entrée Capital

Eran Bielski

SigmaLabs Founder & Partner at Entrée Capital

Toot Shani

Sarona Programs

David Debash

Sarona Programs

Eytan Pardo Roques
Sarona Partners Operations
Haifa & North

Michael Salomon

Program Manager SigmaLabs

Tel Aviv

Maytal Dvash

Program Manager SigmaLabs

Mentors & Gurus

Ido Yablonka

Gal Nachum

Aki Eldar

Shaked Zin

Omri Moran

Jean Claude Yana

Roi Oron

Odi Dahan

Sharon Tal

Omri Toppol

Emil Fisher

Alex Liverant

Dotan Bar Noy

Roman Levin

Gil Hirsch

Gil Sadis

Ziv Elul

Lior Shoam

Mila Finkelshtein

Nir Zavaro

Tamir Hazan

Daniel Brodie

Barry Volinskey

Tair Kowalsky

Oded Kraft

Chen Linchevski 

Lior Fite

“I strongly believe in sharing both my knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and startups as a way to help them grow and achieve more, I find mentoring to be fulfilling and a 2-way relationship.”
Omri Toppol


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