Videos are everywhere – from TV and mobile phones to everything we do online. While media consumption is rapidly rising, videos still provide a limited, linear, and passive experience where consumers ignore or skip ads because they fail to bring any real value to the viewer. Advertisers then miss out on the opportunity to engage their customer base. People expect more when consuming videos today, and Retube is here to provide this next generation of up-to-date videos: informative, interactive, and shoppable.

Retube is a real-time video enrichment editor, providing a platform to create dynamic, interactive videos for distribution across all advertising channels. Their software opens a two-way communication channel between advertisers and consumers to increase sales, improve user experience with personalized and customizable ads, and provide insights about consumer behavior. As a consumer watches an interactive Retube ad, they are immediately offered live links to shop what they see, get more information about the brand, and move within the video according to their interest. Among Retube’s customers are Mercedes-Benz, FIAT, Turner, and ASOS.

The Retube team consists of two very passionate people with over a decade of experience in interactive online visual content for consumers. Shai Schwartz, CEO, is a 10 years veteran entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in visual content. Yonatan Kory, head of Business Development, is an 8-year music executive with deep domain expertise in music tech, rights management, and creation tools. Together, they developed their product as a solution to outdated video advertising: a new standard of interactive video.

“SigmaLabs is one of the most altruistic experiences you could ask for as a startup,” says Shai, Retube’s CEO. “The accelerator has a wonderful team with an outstanding circle of partners and successful entrepreneurs, providing us valuable knowledge and support. SigmaLabs’ working space became our second home with their professional staff committed to helping all startups develop and grow.”

Retube believes that advertising should be delivered to consumers when wanted, needed, and appreciated. Stagnant video ads are a thing of the past, and Retube’s innovative and interactive advertising model brings videos into the modern day. Consumers want to buy and advertisers want to sell – now it’s just a matter of communication between the two. A win-win situation for all – that is their mission.