Zone7 predicts real-time sports injuries and ensures that athletes train efficiently to maximize results at minimum risk. Zone7 aligns athlete’s training programs with their physical health to achieve the ultimate combination of resilience and maximum performance. The software is personalized to each athlete, taking into consideration training history and personal profile, while providing insights that have never been seen before.

Zone7 analyzes a vast amount of data to understand and predict an athlete’s injury risk. This data – accumulated through wearable fitness tracking devices, biometrics, and medical examinations – provides information on how players eat, sleep, and train. Zone7’s algorithms then use this data to learn an individual athlete’s behavior, analyze it, and predict future injuries. For professional sports organizations around the world, like soccer, baseball, or rugby leagues, their most valuable asset is their athletes. These valuable assets are at high risk of injuries incurring substantial financial and emotional costs. While current solutions focus on long-term risks and rehabilitation, Zone7 predicts real-time injuries by tracking athletes’ daily performances. Zone7 predicts whether an athlete will stay physically healthy during the next week, with immediate impact on the weekly training strategy and upcoming games and competitions. The software provides training insights and recommendations to ensure efficient and personalized training for each player.

The sports industry, like many others, is gravitating towards intelligent applications focusing on predictions and recommendations. Some companies are already offering predictive scouting, trying to identify talented players earlier based on physical and tactical statistics. Zone7 is leading this trend by using big data to predict injuries. Targeting soccer as their first market, Zone7’s customers in La Liga see significant reductions in injury rates of up to 60%.  

“Hundreds of millions of people are involved with sports and drawing inspiration from their favorite athletes,” says Tal Brown, CEO at Zone7, “Our vision is to answer the ultimate question that athletes of all levels and ages ask – how hard can I train without getting injured?”.